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C H U D L E Y C A N N O N S F O R E V E R!!

let's just cross our fingers and hope for the best

31 October
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Weasley twins are teh sexxxxxxxxxxx!!!

I get all Goblet of Fire screen caps from This WONDERFUL person

My name is Nicki, but if you want you can call me KNickers. Everyone else who is cool does...
My birthday is 10.31.1984, yeah bitches, that just so happens to be Halloween.
I'm a 21 year old Sophomore in College.
I currently live in Warner Vegaz Jo-Jah.
I love Harry Potter a lot...
I teach Dance and Color Guard.
I don't update too terribly much on LJ, but I am trying ot get better about that.
I usually only get really interesting when it's time for HP events such as book releases and movies...

Hence why I'm very social on LJ right now.

You can add me if you want... I'm not that fantastic or interesting unless you're a total loser. LoL.

That's about it for some user info... I told you. I'm boring.


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